Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Wanes

On my other blog, Regeneration, I log the happenings of my life. Lately that's mostly been done in pictures. Modern technology is a wonder! But I miss writing. Describing things with words to help me capture the essence and ambiance, the flavor, warmth and mood of all that occurred in those photos.

For instance, if I took a picture today and showed you the sun shining on the trees and grass, making the pool water sparkle and the bits of quarts in the cement walkway glisten, you'd think it was a hot summer day. But no. It's rather cool today and the sun keeps ducking behind clouds. I'm in the house and need a light on in the middle of the day. It's cool in here. There are goose bumps on my arms and my toes are cold. Tom is at work and the house is quiet. No one visiting, swimming, or playing on our swing set, and I have no where I have to be. It's just me, the sleeping dog, and the purring cat. I'm enjoying the solace and thinking I'd like it to continue for a few more hours. What are the chances?

To hold on to peace and quiet is to hold the sun and delay it's rising or setting. It's unnatural. So instead we relish each moment of peace like we relish each sunrise at the beach when the sun just clears the horizon and streaks it's light right toward you where you sit on the sand. Click. That's me taking a mental picture, because this isn't going to last.