Monday, June 20, 2011

Real Life, Real God, Real Hope

That was the theme of our Alliance Women's Retreat this year. The keynote speaker was Shelli Prindle of Hope and Passion Ministry. Shelli is exuberant to say the least, passionate about Jesus and living life to the fullest while anticipating the new heavens and new earth. She is a math and science geek -- facts and figures astound and scripture pours from her lips. No notes, no prompts, just the message God has made her passionate about spewing forth -- along with spit when she'd get really wound up. And what's not to get wound up about when for this...

a Muddled Conscience -- God gives us Immeasurable Mercy
for Mistaken Fears -- God gives us Infinite Power
for a Mundane Existence -- God gives us Indisputable Passion
and for Myopic Vision -- God gives us an Indescribable Heaven

To hear her attempt to describe that indescribable heaven just makes me think...I can't wait to go there. But wait I will. And while I wait, while I endure the difficult things of this world, I'll revel in the amazing things that God has given, from the grass under my feet to the sky and stars above -- all the proof I need of his existence.

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